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  • Ich bin seit einigen Jahren Suzana Ulbrichs Kunde und mehr als zufrieden. Kann Sie jederzeit weiterempfehlen. Danke, Danke, Danke! (KU)
  • I have been Suzana Ulbrich's customer for several years and I am more than satisfied. Can recommend you anytime. Thank you thank you thank you! (KU)

  • Ausnahmslos empfehlenswert und stets sehr angenehm! (LD)
  • Recommended without exception and always very pleasant! (LD)

  • Wir kennen Suzana seit ungefähr 15 Jahren. Sie hat viele Male für mich und meine Familie gearbeitet und uns hauptsächlich beim Putzen geholfen. Sie hat immer gute Lösungen und ist eine sehr zuverlässige und flexible Hilfe mit einem guten Personal. Sie ist kompetent und flexibel und hat ein breites Interesse an Menschen und Unternehmen. Eine fürsorgliche und vertrauenswürdige Person, die ich empfehlen kann! (HK)
  • We know Suzana for about 15 years. She has worked for me and my family many times, helping us mainly with cleaning. She has always good solutions and is a very reliable and flexible help with a good staff to fill in. She is knowledgable and flexible and has a broad interest in people and businesses. A caring and trustworthy person that I can recommend! (HK)

  • Frau Ulbrich ist eine sehr zuverlässige Person. Ihre Aufgaben in unserem Haushalt hat sie immer zu unserer vollsten Zufriedenheit erledigt. (YM)
  • Ms. Ulbrich is a very reliable person. She has always done her tasks in our household to our complete satisfaction. (YM)

  • Wir sind langjähriger Kunde von Frau Ulbrich (geschäftlich und privat) und können eine 100%-Empfehlung aussprechen. Frau Ulbrich arbeitet absolut zuverlässig, gründlich, flexibel und ist dabei freundlich und kundenorientiert. (JM)
  • We have been Ms. Ulbrich's customer for many years (business and private) and can make a 100% recommendation. Ms. Ulbrich works absolutely reliably, thoroughly, flexibly and is friendly and customer-oriented. (JM)

  • Suzana und ich sind Inhaber von Cybersicherheitsgeschäften und verfügen über 26 Jahre Geschäftserfahrung. Sie legen die Cybersicherheitsanforderungen und die Haltung des Kunden auf praktische und beratende Weise fest. Mit starken Marken im Cyberbereich wie Palo Alto und vielen anderen ist diese starke Geschäftsfrau mehr als in der Lage, Ihre Verantwortung für die Informationssicherheit zu übernehmen. (JS)
  • Suzana and I are cybersecurity business owners together with 26 years of business experience, fixing the client's cybersecurity needs and posture on a hands-on and consultative way. Using top brands in the cyber realm like Palo Alto and many more, this strong business woman is more than able to drive your information security responsibility. (JS)

  • Ich kenne Suzana schon seit einiger Zeit und halte sie für eine sehr zuverlässige, vertrauenswürdige und auch nette Person. Als ich Büroleiter wurde und aufgefordert wurde, den bestmöglichen Reinigungsservice für ein qualitativ hochwertiges Geschäftsumfeld zu gewährleisten, wusste ich, dass ich mich an sie wenden sollte, um Rat und schließlich an den Reinigungsservice für ihre Einrichtung zu erhalten. Dies hat sich als gute Wahl erwiesen, da die Servicequalität von ausgezeichnetem Standard ist und ich sie nur anderen Kunden empfehlen kann. (CW)
  • I have known Suzana for quite some time now and consider her a highly reliable, trustworthy and also nice person. When I became office manager and was challenged to assure best possible cleaning services for a high quality business environment I knew that I should turn to her for advice and eventually her facility cleaning services. This has proven to be a great choice as the quality of service is of excellent standard and I can only recommend it to any other clients. (CW)

  • "Although I have not worked directly with Carsten, I have had contact with him on a more personal and a business development level. Carsten is a sincere guy who truly has the interest of his customers in mind. He has the talent of seeing requirements and then developing a creative solution to meet those requirements to develop a win-win situation for all stakeholders. " - Kevin Kaufman, Federal Program Manager, EMEA at CommScope, Kaiserslautern, Germany (2016)

  • "Through my connection work with LinkedIn Corporation, I have known Carsten Ulbrich for approximately more than 2 years. He introduced himself to me as the for IT-Solution Architect, IT Project Manager, CFO/COO/Service Delivery Manager at SC4IT Ltd. & Co.KG, He spent a great deal of time with me when we first met, explaining the ways in which this group could be of service to the LinkedIn. Though I was initially skeptical of the ways in which we could work together, Carsten successfully helped me overcome my concerns, and worked hard to establish a relationship of trust and commitment. Carsten is a valuable Manager leader, delegating with authority and competence. Carsten’s role as a persuasive and informative disseminator of information is a valuable one. Carsten is a tireless volunteer and leader, and has demonstrated great sensitivity to organizational needs, as well as creativity in solving problems. He is perceptive, emphatic, and committed to every task he takes on. Carsten will be a committed and creative public servant, and I recommend him highly indeed." - Alexandre Benfadel, Diplomacy - Secret Organisation, France (2015)

  • "I became acquainted with Carsten over 3 years ago, while he was enmeshed in his covert police work in the UK. Carsten is a social-conscious, genially-engaging, patriotic, knowledge-hungry, diversely-skilled, clever chameleonic, cipher crypto Cyber matrix Security Pioneering Entrepreneur!" - Michael Pastien, Forensic Rich Investigations™, Capital Physics™, Linchpin Staffing™, Canada (2009)

  • "Carsten was a colleague within the Helmand PRT, with responsibility for the Danish aspects and inputs of our work, including oversight of the Danish Police development input. He was a dynamic colleague, who offered sound and unbiased advice, and who demonstrated a wide understanding of a very complex set of both National and International partnerships. Carsten became a very trusted colleague who worked hard to ensure the International community delivered for our Afghan partners." -  Paul Brooker MBE, MSc., Security & Justice component lead Southern Syria (2008)